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Browse through the available antenna systems below by size, performance level and extent of "discretion" required for your particular neighborhood or installation. We stand behind the reliability and capabilities of our products. These antenna systems have been designed by an electrical engineer with over 45 years of experience in antenna design. He holds his Amateur Extra Class license and has been a Ham radio operator since the early 1960s. Please feel free to contact us, we can confidently answer any question or concern.

All of our Light Beam Antennas are designed and optimized to operate at a height of 30 feet above average ground conditions. The ground type is a Sommerfeld-Norton ground with a Conductivity of 5mS and a Dielectric Constant of 13.  *Our antennas are designed to handle over 1.5KW of power.  All antenna models are "Balanced Antennas", a 1:1 Balun is required when you feed the antenna with "Unbalanced" coaxial cable.

All Light Beam Antennas require one of our MP-1.75 Boom-to-Mast Mounting Plates, another suitable mounting plate you may already own, or you can fabricate one to meet your installation requirements.

Download all of our free installation instructions from the Support section. We encourage you to take a look prior to ordering.

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Very lightweight, high performance and still neighborhood friendly due to relative dimensions and apt support structure. The Light Beam Antenna is available in sizes optimized for a variety of bands. Click below for details.

LB-20M: 20 Meter band |  9.4dBi gain | $425 retail

LB-17M: 17 Meter band | 10.4dBi gain | $400 retail

LB-15M: 15 Meter band | 10.4dBi gain | $375 retail

LB-12M: 12 Meter band |  9.9dBi gain | $350 retail

LB-10M: 10 Meter band | 10.1dBi gain | $325 retail



Light Beam Plus Antenna

Light Beam Antenna

Apparatus and Parts


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MP-1.75: Mounting Plate - Boom to Mast, $49.50 retail

The Light Beam mounting plate assembly is a rugged design which can accommodate mast and boom diameters of 1.5 - 1.75 inches. The plate is 8x8" and is 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum. The 1/4-20 u-bolts are stainless steel.



Our lightweight, strong, and best of all: a stealthy & discreet antenna.

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LBP-20M: 20 Meter band |  9.4dBi gain | $695 retail

LBP-17M: 17 Meter band | 10.4dBi gain | $695 retail


Light Beam Multi-band Antenna

For Amateur radio enthusiasts who want a no-compromises antenna that has been optimized to provide maximum performance on more than one Amateur radio band,
the Light Beam Multi-band antenna series provides a very cost effective solution
that will meet your needs. Our multi-band antennas are based on the tried-and-true
Moxon antenna design.

LBM-17M+20M: Multi-band | 10.88/10.21 dBi gain (17M/20M) | $475 retail

LB-1:1-CB: Light Beam 1:1 Balun, $29.00 retail

A Balun provides a means to transition from a balanced load (antenna) to an unbalanced source (transmitter).  The LB-1:1-CB is a true current balun ensuring balanced current distribution to both halves of the antenna while also providing excellent common-mode isolation between the balanced antenna and the unbalanced coaxial cable.


Frequency range:  10 MHz. to 70 MHz.

Output: 50 Ohms Balanced, No. 10 ring terminals.

Input: 50 Ohms Unbalanced, 259 UHF female connector.

Continuous Power capacity is >3KW.





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