Thank you for participating in the survey. The results confirmed our thinking in several areas but also surprised us. Your input has proven to be very valuable and will direct the decisions that we make in the near future.

Download our summary of the results here.

  • You clearly prefer a multi-band antenna that has good gain and efficiency.
  • 20M, 15M, 17M, closely followed by 40M, in that order, are the most important bands. 12M and 10M are also popular.
  • Low Windloading, Gain and Efficiency are the most important. What surprised us is that F/B was not rated higher.
  • Clearly, a compact, low visibility antenna that is optimized for a low height above ground is important to you.
  • Horizontally polarized beams are more desirable than Omni-Directional Verticals.
  • A 20M/17M antenna is desirable.
  • A 20M/15M/10M tribander is desirable but we suspect it would need to be smaller and less expensive than current models available from other antenna companies.
  • A 20M/17M/12M tribander is also desirable.

Thanks again for your response to the survey.

If you were not able to participate, feel free to complete the survey and we will update our summary.