Light Beam Antennas

The Light Beam Antenna series incorporates thick wall fiberglass tubes as spreaders. The spreaders are fastened to heavy 1/4 inch aluminum end-plate hubs using stainless steel self-locking fasteners. Like the Light Beam Plus Antenna series, Light Beam series antennas are very strong and durable.

The Light Beam Antenna series has the same Radio Frequency performance as the Light Beam Plus antenna series and is just as compact – ideal for locations with limited space! With low visual impact, the Light Beam Antenna is an economical choice for those who desire a high-performance solution and do not have as great a need for a “stealth” installation.

All of our Light Beam Antennas are designed and optimized to operate at a height of 30 feet above average ground conditions. The ground type is a Sommerfeld-Norton ground with a Conductivity of 5mS and a Dielectric Constant of 13.  *Our antennas are designed to handle over 1.5KW of power.  All antenna models are “Balanced Antennas”, a 1:1 Balun is required when you feed the antenna with “Unbalanced” coaxial cable.

All Light Beam Antennas require one of our MP-1.75 Boom-to-Mast Mounting Plates, another suitable mounting plate you may already own, or you can fabricate one to meet your installation requirements.

Download all of our free installation instructions from the Support section. We encourage you to take a look prior to ordering.

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