Light Beam – LB-10M


  • Manufactured with thick wall fiberglass tubes as spreaders.
  • Spreaders are fastened to heavy 1/4 inch aluminum end-plate hubs using stainless steel self-locking fasteners

Like the Light Beam Plus Antenna series, Light Beam series antennas are

  • very strong and durable
  • have the same Radio Frequency performance as the Light Beam Plus antenna series
  • just as compact – ideal for locations with limited space!

With low visual impact, the Light Beam Antenna is an economical choice for those who desire a high-performance solution and do not have as great a need for a “stealth” installation.

Also see our 1:1 Balun and MP-1.75 Boom to Mast Mounting Plate Support.

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Center Frequency: 28.400 Mhz
Forward Gain: 10.11 dBi
Front to Back Ratio: 23.59 dB
Impedance: 32.9-j89.1 Ohms
Efficiency: 94.7 %
Elevation Angle:
(major lobe)
15.6 Degrees
Bandwidth: 105 Khz


Element Width: 4.7 Feet/1.44 Meters
Element Height: 4.7 Feet/1.44 Meters
Boom Length: 3.1 Feet/.94 Meters
Turning Radius: 2.8 Feet/.86 Meters
Surface Area:
3.0 sq. ft./0.28 sq. m.
Weight: 18 Lbs./8.2 Kg.


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