Light Beam Plus Antennas

The support structure of the Light Beam Plus Antenna series is very different from that of any other antenna that is currently on the market. Manufactured of UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic (also used to make bullet proof glass), the Light Beam Plus antenna is extremely strong, light weight, and nearly indestructible. The spreaders are a super-strong I-Beam construction. The end-hubs are sturdy, heavy-duty double plate assemblies which connect the spreaders to the boom. No need to worry about high wind or snow load with this antenna design!

The most amazing feature of the Light Beam Plus antenna series is how it virtually disappears by assuming the color and texture of whatever is behind it. The polycarbonate plastic support structure is perfectly transparent and allows light to pass through. Now, that’s what we call stealthy! 


All of our Light Beam Antennas are designed and optimized to operate at a height of 30 feet above average ground conditions. The ground type is a Sommerfeld-Norton ground with a Conductivity of 5mS and a Dielectric Constant of 13.  *Our antennas are designed to handle over 1.5KW of power.  All antenna models are “Balanced Antennas”, a 1:1 Balun is required when you feed the antenna with “Unbalanced” coaxial cable.

All Light Beam Antennas require one of our MP-1.75 Boom-to-Mast Mounting Plates, another suitable mounting plate you may already own, or you can fabricate one to meet your installation requirements.

Download all of our free installation instructions from the Support section. We encourage you to take a look prior to ordering.