Light Beam Plus – LBP-17M


  • Manufactured of UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic (also used to make bullet proof glass)
  • Extremely strong, light weight, and nearly indestructible
  • Spreaders are a super-strong I-Beam construction
  • End-hubs are sturdy, heavy-duty double plate assemblies which connect the spreaders to the boom

No need to worry about high wind or snow load with this antenna design!

Our polycarbonate structure allows light to pass through and assumes the color and texture of whatever is behind it. Now, that’s what we call stealthy! 

Also see our 1:1 Balun and MP-1.75 Boom to Mast Mounting Plate Support.

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Center Frequency: 18.130 Mhz
Forward Gain: 10.44 dBi
Front to Back Ratio: 24.58 dB
Impedance: 36.2-j81 Ohms
Efficiency: 93.7%
Elevation Angle:
(major lobe)
23.5 Degrees
Bandwidth: 100 Khz


Element Width: 7.4 Feet/2.3 Meters
Element Height: 7.4 Feet/2.3 Meters
Boom Length: 5.8 Feet/1.76 Meters
Turning Radius: 4.7 Feet/1.43 Meters
Surface Area:
4.8 sq. ft./0.45 sq. m.
Weight: 26 Lbs./11.8 Kg


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